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Artificial floral arrangement. Ceramic centerpiece with Faux flower arrangement for home decor. Gift box

Artificial floral arrangement. Ceramic centerpiece with Faux flower arrangement for home decor. Gift box

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Color of ceramic vase
Elements kit

Meet Elements by Language of Wreaths. It's like a doll with accessories. You get your doll in your first purchase, and then you keep on dressing it with seasonal outfits. Once you have your vase, you purchase Elements Kits only, and voila: Updated, themed decor all year round. It is the perfect gift!

Combining faux flowers and jewelry, this is a one-of-a-kind item. This model features realistic silk velvet roses and flowers, greenery and red pampas grass. All is artificial and meant to last for years. Nothing is glued so you can repurpose the vase. (even add water and put real flowers if you wish).

Options for the neck (with matching earring) are:

- Red lips in rhinestone
- Red heart in rhinestone
- Red heart silhouette
- Love pink and red
- Love in pride colors
- Red crystal ballerina

The Elements Collection:

Select your vase color and then select your kit. Each kit comes with a bouquet, an earring, and either a scarf or a necklace.

The items come in a high-end, white embossed Deluxe Magnetic box, where you can store your seasonal Elements until you are ready to use them again. The vase comes in black, white, or light ochre tones.

Works well in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. It is ideal for a gift, which you can continue to update the same recipient on different occasions.

The size is 23" tall x 10" wide.

But there is more: Once you purchase the Vase + Elements, you can continue purchasing just the Elements (Bouquet+jewerly or silk scarf without the vase), and update your piece of decor with seasonal or themed Elements. Nothing in this arrangement is glued to the vase. Everything is really easy to remove and replace. Plus, the vase is waterproof. So if you ever wanted to add water and fresh-cut flowers, you can. (contact me if you only want the elements kit without the ceramic vase.)

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